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Senior Professor
Dipartimento di Management e Tecnologia

Insegnamenti a.a. 2019/2020


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Note biografiche

Nato  il  23 gennaio 1948 a Bristol, Inghilterra. Laureato in Economia alla London School of Economics. Phd presso la City University.

Curriculum Accademico

Professore ordinario e titolare della "ENI Chair of Strategic Management in the
Energy Sector". In precedenza ha insegnato presso: Georgetown University, London Business School, City University, California Polytechnic, UCLA, University of British Columbia, e University of St. Andrews (Scotland).  Associate Editor della rivista Long Range Planning. Membro del Comitato editoriale delle riviste Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies e Strategy & Leadership.

Aree di interesse scientifico

Organizational capability and knowledge management. Strategic planning.
Corporate strategy in the oil and gas sector.


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