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Professor of Economics and IGIER Fellow, Università Bocconi. CEPR Fellow
The Chosen Few: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492, Princeton University Press

Awarded the 2012 National Jewish Book Award in the category of "scholarship" (more info...)

Summary and review by Paul Solman, PBS NewsHour, April 2013
Interview by Paul Solman, PBS NewsHour, August 2013
Interview by Shlomo Maital, Jerusalem Report, September 2013

Translated into

Chinese Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House 2020
French Editions Albin Michel 2015
Hebrew Haim Rubin Tel Aviv University Press 2013
Italian Università Bocconi Editore 2012
Polish Jagiellonian University Press 2014
Spanish Antoni Bosch Publisher 2014
Vietnamese ThaiHabooks 2014









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