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Published Works

Political Elections and Corporate Investment: International Evidence (with Margherita Corina). Journal of International Business Studies, forthcoming

Back to the Future: The Effect of Returning Family Successions on Firm Performance (with Morten Bennedsen, Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, Danny Miller). Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming

Failing to Learn from Failure: How Optimism Impedes Entrepreneurial Innovation (with Orsola Garofalo, Victor Martin-Sanchez). Organization Science, forthcoming

Riding out of the Crisis: The Joint Effect of Trust and Corporate Ownership (with Mircea Epure). Journal of Comparative Economics, forthcoming

Tobit Models in Strategy Research: Critical Issues and Applications (with Samuele Murtinu). Global Strategy Journal, forthcoming

Natural Disasters as a Source of Entrepreneurial Opportunity: Family Business Resilience After an Earthquake (with Carlo Salvato, Massimo Sargiacomo, Alessandro Minichilli). Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (2020), 14: 594-615

Innovation Disclosure in Times of Uncertainty Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2020), 29: 792-815

Pay Dispersion and Executive Behavior: Evidence from Innovation (with Virgilio Failla). British Journal of Management (2020), 31: 487-504

Assortative Ownership Matching and M&A Behavior (with Emanuele Bettinazzi, Danny Miller, Guido Corbetta). Strategic Organization (2020), 18: 330-361

CEO Education and Corporate Environmental Footprint (with Morten Bennedsen, Birthe Larsen, Philip Rosenbaum). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2019), 94: 254-73

The Courage to Choose: Primogeniture and Leadership Succession in Family Firms (with Andrea Calabrò, Alessandro Minichilli, Marina Brogi). Strategic Management Journal (2018), 39: 2014-35

Peer Firms and Board Appointments in Family Firms Regional Studies (2018), 52: 1271-82

Local Political Uncertainty, Family Ownership and Investment Behavior (with Alessandro Minichilli). Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (2018), 53: 1-24

Strategic Distinctiveness in Family Firms: Firm Institutional Heterogeneity and Configurational Multidimensionality (with Danny Miller, Isabelle le Breton-Miller, Alessandro Minichilli, Fabio Quarato). Journal of Family Business Strategy (2018), 9: 16-26

Social Capital and Family Control Explorations in Economic History (2017), 65: 106-14

Institutional Logics, Family Firm Governance and Performance (with Danny Miller, Isabelle le Breton-Miller, Alessandro Minichilli, Guido Corbetta). Journal of Business Venturing (2017), 32: 674-93

For Love and Money: Marital Leadership in Family Firms (with Danny Miller, Isabelle Le-Breton Miller, Guido Corbetta). Journal of Corporate Finance (2017), 46: 461-76

Corporate Governance and Green Innovation (with Morten Bennedsen). Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2016), 75: 54–72

Executive Gender, Competitive Pressures, and Corporate Performance (with Orsola Garofalo). Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2016), 131: 308-27

Companies Learning to Innovate in Recessions Research Policy (2015), 44: 1574–1583

Gender Interactions within the Family Firm (with Orsola Garofalo, Alessandro Minichilli). Management Science (2014), 60: 1083-97

CEO Succession Mechanisms, Organizational Context and Performance: A Socio-Emotional Wealth Perspective on Family-Controlled Firms (with Alessandro Minichilli, Mattias Nordqvist, Guido Corbetta). Journal of Management Studies (2014), 51: 1153-79

The Value of Local Political Connections in a Low-Corruption Environment (with Morten Bennedsen). Journal of Financial Economics (2013), 110: 387-402

Credit Supply and Corporate Innovation (with Cedric Schneider, Alminas Zaldokas). Journal of Financial Economics (2013), 109: 835-55

How do Managerial Successions Shape Corporate Financial Policies in Family Firms? (with Alessandro Minichilli, Guido Corbetta). Journal of Corporate Finance (2011), 17: 1016-27



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