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“The Globalization Risk Premium” 
with Jean-Noël Barrot and Erik Loualiche

Forthcoming, Journal of Finance

“A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Change: Confirmatory Bias in Financial Markets” 
with Sébastien Pouget and Stéphane Villeneuve 
Review of Financial Studies30(6), 2066-2109, 2017
[PDF]   [OnlineAppendix

“Input Specificity and the Propagation of Idiosyncratic Shocks in Production Networks” 
with Jean-Noël Barrot 
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131(3), 1541-1592, 2016
[PDF]   [OnlineAppendix]   [Data]   [Vox Summary]

“Prosecution and Leniency Programs: The Role of Bluffing in Opening Investigations” 
Journal of Industrial Economics 63(2), 313-338, 2015

“Are Leniency Programs too Generous?”
Economics Letters 123(3), 323-326, 2014

“CEO Pay and Firm Size: an Update after the Crisis” 
with Xavier Gabaix and Augustin Landier 
Economic Journal 124, F40-F59, 2014
[PDF]   [OnlineAppendix]   [Data]

Bottom-up Corporate Governance” 
with Augustin Landier, David Sraer and David Thesmar 
Review of Finance 17(1), 161-201, 2013 
(Spängler IQAM Prize for Best Paper in the Review of Finance)

Working Papers

“Import Competition and Household Leverage” 
with Jean-Noël Barrot, Erik Loualiche and Matthew Plosser
(SFS Cavalcade Award 2017 - Best Paper in Corporate Finance)
[PDF]   [Vox Summary

“Voter Bias and Women in Politics” 
with Thomas Le Barbanchon

“Employment Effects of Alleviating Financing Frictions: Worker-level Evidence from a Loan Guarantee Program” with Jean-Noël Barrot, Thorsten Martin and Boris Vallée


Other Writings (French)

“L'Effet sur l'Emploi du Non-Respect de la LME” 
with Jean-Noël Barrot 



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