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Prospective students

If you would like to write your thesis with me, please make sure to read this carefully.

My background is in computer science, and I am interested in exploring the use of machine learning and big data to answer social science questions. Consequently, I would like to see a quantitative, data-driven approach in the theses I supervise.

If you are interested in doing a thesis with me, you should have a good programming knowledge (preferably Python), and have some vague idea about the following aspects:

  1. what question would you like to answer?
  2. which data set can help you address the problem? Have a look at
  3. which models can help you?

I can help you refine the last two points, but the more concrete your idea when we meet, the better.

One last thing: When you email me about supervision, please include the code word "platypus", so I know you have read this page...

Modificato il 11/10/2018