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AXA-Bocconi Chair in Risk


The advancement and diffusion of modeling techniques to capture and manage the new and different categories of risks in the social sciences will be at the core of the activity of the new AXA-BOCCONI CHAIR IN RISK.

This dedicated and permanent chair has been established thanks to a donation of the AXA Research Fund to Università Bocconi of an endowment of 2 million euro. The chair has been assigned to Massimo Marinacci, Professor in the Department of Decision Sciences of Bocconi University and IGIER Fellow, in recognition of his research work in the field of Decision Theory (more...).

On June 12, 2012 Bocconi University hosted the Inaugural Lecture of the AXA-Bocconi Chair in Risk (click here for the complete program, as well as for the slides and videos of the lectures held by Itzhak Gilboa, Massimo Marinacci, and Thomas J. Sargent).
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