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Unemployment Fluctuations, Match Quality and the Wage Cyclicality of New Hires (with Mark Gertler and Christopher Huckfeldt), The Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming 

Supplementary Appendix. See also NBER WP22341.


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Featured in the Financial Times

Working paper version with extended Appendix


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Working papers


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Work in progress


Financial Markets and Unemployment (with Tommaso Monacelli and Vincenzo Quadrini). NEW VERSION COMING SOON!


Measuring Productivity Growth in the Presence of Adjustment Costs, Markups and Variable Capital Utilization, with Diego Comin, Javier Quintana and Tom Schmitz. COMING SOON!


Assessing the (De)Stabilizing Effects of Unemployment Insurance, with Alexey Gorn. COMING SOON!


Who Creates and Destroys Jobs over the Business Cycle?, with Andrea Colciago and Volker Lindenthal. COMING SOON!


The Cyclicality of Job Finding and Separation Rates in Italy: the Role of Demographics and Dual Labor Markets, with Jerome Adda and Ivan Lagrosa. COMING SOON!


The Drivers of European Unemployment during the Great Recession, with Diego Comin, Riccardo Franceschin, and Andrea Pasqualini.




Discussion of A Plucking Model of Business Cycles by Stephane Dupraz, Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson, 2019


Discussion of Insider-Outsider Labor Markets, Hysteresis and Monetary Policy by Jordi Galì, 2016


Discussion of  Slow Recoveries, Worker Heterogeneity, and the Zero Lower Bound by Federico Ravenna and Carl Walsh, 2013


Discussion of  Labor Market Reform in the Presence of  Financial and Labor Market Frictions by Andrea Caggese and Ander Perez, 2013


Discussion of  Quantifying the Forces Leading to the Collapse of GDP after the Financial Crisis by Bob Hall, 2012


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