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Insegnamenti a.a. 2022/2023


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Note biografiche

Born in León (Spain), January 1957
Married to Mirèia Carol i Gres
Four children: Manuel, Ferrán, Diego, Olalla

Curriculum Accademico

  3.1  Degrees 
    Licenciado en Económicas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, June 1980.
    Doctor of Philosophy, University of Minnesota, August 1984. Thesis supervisor: Professor Leonid Hurwicz.

    3.2  Teaching and research positions 
    Teaching Assistant, University of Minnesota, 1982-84.
    Assistant Professor, Universidad de Alicante, 1984-85.
    Research Fellow, Instituto de Análisis Económico, C.S.I.C, Barcelona, 1986-90.
    Visiting Scholar, Harvard University, 1987-88.
    Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University of  Jerusalem, 1989-90.
    Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, 1993.
    Visiting Scholar, University of California-San Diego, 1995.
    Visiting Scholar, Boston University, 1996.
    Visiting Professor, Cornell University, 2006-7.
    Professor, Universidad de Alicante, since 1990 (currently on leave).
    Professor, University of Essex, 2004-2013.
    Professor, European University Institute (Florence), 2007-2013
    Professor, Università Bocconi, since September 2013

    3.3 Editorial activities

  • Editorial board, Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems: 2002-4
  • Co-editor, Spanish Economic Review: 2001-5
  • Associate editor, International Journal of Game Theory: 2007-
  • Associate editor, Games and Economic Behavior: 2010-
  • Guest editor, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA, 2012
  • Associate editor, Network Science, 2012-
  • Associate editor, Journal of Complex Networks, 2012-
  • Guest editor, Operations Research, 2014
  • Co-editor, Network Science: 2014-

    3.4 Professional recognition

  • Honorary Fellow of the Spanish Economic Association 2009-
  • Fellow of the Society for the Advance of Economic Theory, 2011.
  • Fellow of the Game Theory Society, 2017-
  • Member of the Council, Game Theory Society, 2011-2017.
  • Member of the Council, Society for Economic Science with Heterogenous Interacting Agents, 2011-
  • FUE prize for research in economics, 2011.

Aree di interesse scientifico

Game Theory
Evolutionary Theory
Learning and bounded rationality
Social networks



5.1  Books

  • Complex Social Networks, Econometric Society Monograph Series, Cambridge University Press, 2007.
  • Economics and the Theory of Games, Cambridge University Press, August 2003.
  • Economía y Juegos, Antoni Bosch Editor, March 2000.
  • Evolution, Games, and Economic Behavior, Oxford University Press, September 1996 (reprinted 1997).    

    5.2  Articles: English publications

  • "Coalition bargaining in repeated games," forthcoming in International Economic Review (joint with Arnold Polanski).
  • “Social networks and the process of globalization," forthcoming in The Review of Economic Studies (joint with Georg Duernecker).
  • "Bargaining frictions in trading networks,” forthcoming in The B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (joint with Arnold Polanski).
  • “Contagious disruptions and complexity traps in economic development,” Nature Human Behavior 1, 2017 (joint with Charles Brummitt, Kenan Huremovic, Paolo Pin, and Matthew Bonds).
  • “Risk-sharing and contagion in networks,” The Review of Financial Studies 30, 2017 (joint with Antonio Cabrales and Piero Gottardi).  
  • "Spreading of social contagions without key players," 2017 World Wide Web Conference (joint with G. Korkmaz, C.J. Kuhlman, S.S. Ravi).
  • “A simple model of homophily in social networks," European Economic Review 90, 2016, (joint with Sergio Currarini and Jesse Matheson).  
  • "Links and actions in interplay," in Bramoullé, Y., A. Galeotti, and B. Rogers (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Economic Networks, Oxford: Oxford University Presss.
  • "Can social contagion spread without key players?" in Proceedings of 2016 IEEE International Conference on Behavioral, Economic, and Socio-Cultural Computing (BESC), Durhan, NC, NC, USA (joint with G. Korkmaz, C.J. Kuhlman).
  • "Approximate contagion model of common knowledge in Facebook" in Proceedings of the 27th ACM Conference of Hypertext and Social Media, 2016, New York, NY, USA (joint with G. Korkmaz, C.J. Kuhlman, S.S. Ravi).
  • "Social Cohesion and the evolution of altruism," Games and Economic Behavior 92, 2015 (joint with José Antonio García).
  • "Leave and let leave: A sufficient condition to explain the evolutionary emergence of cooperation, " Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 46, 2014 (joint with Luis R. Izquierdo and Segismundo S. Izquierdo).
  • "Network Organizations, " Journal of Complex Networks 1, 2013.
  • "Collective action through common knowledge using a Facebook model" in Proceedings of the 2014 ACM Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (joint with G. Korkmaz, C.J. Kuhlman, A. Marathe, M.V. Marathe).
  • "Being close to grow faster: a network-based empirical analysis of economic globalization, " in Network for Prosperity: Connecting Development Knowledge beyond 2015, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, 2012 (joint with Moritz Meyer and Georg Duernecker).
  • "Error Cascades in Observational learning: an Experiment on the Chinos Game," Games and Economic Behavior 73, 2011 (joint with Francesco Feri, Miguel A. Meléndez-Jiménez, and Giovanni Ponti).
  • "Threshold learning dynamics in social networks," 6, 2011 PLoS ONE (joint with Juan Carlos González, Víctor Eguiluz, Matteo Marsili, and Maxi San Miguel).
  • "Vertex centralities in input-output networks reveal the structure of modern economies," Physical Review E 83, 2011 (joint with Florian Blöchl, Fabian J. Theis, and Eric Fisher).
  • "Complex networks and local externalities: a strategic approach," International Journal of Economic Theory 7, 2011 (joint with Andrea Galeotti).
  • "The Option to Leave: Conditional Dissociation in the Evolution of Cooperation," Journal of Theoretical Biology 267, 2010 (joint with Segismundo S. Izquierdo and Luis R. Izquierdo).
  • "Network games," Review of Economic Studies 77, 2010 (joint with Andrea Galeotti, Sanjeev Goyal, Matthew Jackson, and Leeat Yariv).
  • "Peer effects and peer avoidance: the diffusion of behavior in coevolving networks" Journal of the European Economic Association 8, 2010 (joint with Constanza Fosco and Matteo Marsili).
  • "Economic networks," Science 325, 2009 (joint with Frank Schweitzer, Giorgio Fagiolo, Didier Sornette, Alessandro Vespignani, and Douglas R. White).
  • "Optimal information transmission in organizations: search and congestion," Review of Economic Design 13, 2009 (joint with Alex Arenas, Antonio Cabrales, Abert Díaz-Guilera, and Roger Guimerà).
  • "Economic Networks: What do we know and what do we need to know?" Advances of Complex Systems 12, 2009 (joint with Frank Schweitzer, Giorgio Fagiolo, Didier Sornette, and Douglas R. White).
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    5.3  Articles: Spanish publications

  • "Puede sobrevivir el homo oeconomicus en una sociedad compleja," Revista Española de Física 28, 2014 (joint with Antonio Cabrales).
  • "Evolución en teoría de juegos, y viceversa," Anthropos 182, 1999.
  • Foreword to ¿Que inventen ellos? Tecnología, empresa y cambio económico en la España contemporánea, edited by Santiago M. López García y Jesús M. Valdaliso, Alianza Editorial, 1997.
  • "Crónica de un galardón anunciado," Cuadernos Económicos del ICE, enero 1995.
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 5.4  Miscellanea

  • “Preface to the Special Issue on ‘Systemic Risk: Models and Mechanisms’, ” Operations Research 64, 2016 (joint with Cont, R., D. Duffie, P. Glasserman, C. Rogers).
  • "Being close to grow faster – A network-based empirical analysis of economic globalization, " in Networks for Prosperity: Connecting Development Knowledge Beyond 2015, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), 2012 (joint with Georg Duernecker and Moritz Meyer).
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  • Review of the book Evolutionary Games and Equilibrium Selection by Larry Samuelson (MIT Press, 1997), Journal of Economic Literature 36, 1998.