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Assistant Professor
Dipartimento di Accounting

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Note biografiche

Nata nel 1987. Laureata in Economia aziendale presso la Seconda Università di Napoli. M.Sc. in Amministrazione, finanza e controllo presso l'Università di Padova. PhD in Management(specializzazione in Accounting) presso IE Business School (Madrid). Visiting PhD student presso University of Chicago (IL, 2014-2016).

Curriculum Accademico

Assistant Professor e docente di Intermediate Financial Accounting

Aree di interesse scientifico

Family firms, ownership structure, real effects of accounting information, economic uncertainty





  • Arena, C., Bozzolan, S., Imperatore C., “The trade-off between mandatory and voluntary disclosure: evidence from oil companies’ risk reporting”, forthcoming at Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance
  • Gomez-Mejia L. R., Cruz C., and Imperatore C., 2014, “Financial Reporting and the Protection of Socioemotional Wealth in Family-Controlled Firms”, European Accounting Review, 23(3), 387-402
  • Trombetta M., Imperatore C., 2014, “The dynamic of financial crises and its non-monotonic effects on earnings quality”, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 33(3), 205-232
  • Bozzolan, S, Imperatore C., and Michelon, G., 2013, “Sistemi di controllo interno e qualità dell’informativa contabile. Evidenze dalle principali società quotate europee”, Economia e Management, 1, 83-102

Working papers:

  • “Does one share-one vote cause underinvestment in family firms? Evidence from tenure-based voting rights” (with Peter Pope – Bocconi University) - revise and resubmit 
  • “Family Ownership and Corporate Disclosure: The Moderating Role of Family Executives in the CEO Letter to Shareholders” (with Saverio Bozzolan - Luiss University- and Marco Mattei-Università La Sapienza) – revise and resubmit 
  • “The effect of private political information on macroeconomic forecast accuracy” (with Andrea Bafundi- Carlos III University) 
  •  “The strategic choice of peers in M&A valuations” (with Gabriel Pundrich Pereira – University of Florida – Rodrigo Verdi – MIT – and Benjamin Yost – Boston College)
  • “The influence of institutional investor tax sensitiveness in the design of executives’ compensation packages” (with Ariela Caglio – Bocconi University- and Cinthia Valle Ruiz – IESEG)
  • “Investor protection and accounting choices during banking crises” (with Marco Trombetta – IE Business School)
  • “The link between cost structure and inventory valuation: does cost allocation matter?” (with Angelo Ditillo – Bocconi University)

Capitoli di libri:

  • Exercises in Favotto, F, Bozzolan, S., Parbonetti, A., 2011, Economia Aziendale. Metodi, Modelli, Casi, McGraw-Hill, Milano
  • Baroli P., Imperatore C., Locatelli R. and Trombetta M., 2014, Italian banking foundations: The path from banking holding company to an innovative form of “private welfare”, FUNCAS, Documentos de Trabajo, n° 741