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Note biografiche

Nata a Milano il 27 dicembre 1964. Sposata, tre figli.

Curriculum Accademico

M.Sc.in Applied Stochastic Stochastic Systems with Distinction, University College of London   1993
Laurea in Matematica cum LaudeUniversità degli Studi di Milano  1989
Previous positions
Researcher at Bocconi University 1995 – 2003
Researcher at the Institute for the Applications of Mathematics and Informatics, Italian Council of Reasearch, Milano  1994 – 1995
Research Assistant at the Institute  for the Applications of Mathematics and Informatics, Italian Council of Reasearch, Milano  1990 – 1993
Editorial Service
Associate Editor for Sankhya Series A, Probability and Mathematical Statistics. http://sankhya.isical.ac.in/index.html
Scientific Societies Membership
Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
Società Italiana di Statistica (SIS)
Unione Matematica Italiana (UMI)
PhD (in English)     Probability I  2005  ;Introduction to Probability  2010 –  :Probability II   2005 – 2009; Introduction to Statistics   2006 – 2010
M.Sc. Financial Econometrics and Empirical Finance  2007   ;
Bachelor Quantitative Methods for Finance,  Bachelor of Economics and Finance  2007  ;Sample Surveys, Bachelor for Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication 2005 – 2007; Probability 1999 – 2003; Statistics  1997 – 2002; Mathematics 2002 – 2004
Master Programs (in English) Basic Probability for Finance, Master of Quantitative Finance and Risk Management 1999 – 2004
Other  Statistics. Corso di Gestione Aziendale, Libero Istituto Universitario Carlo Cattaneo, 1991 – 1992; Mathematical Analysis Exercises, Bachelor in Engeneering, Politecnico di Milano 1989 – 1992
Lecture notes
 “Modelli Statistici per le Applicazioni Finanziarie”. Lecture Notes - Metodi Quantitativi per la Valutazione Finanziaria. Le Dispense del Pellicano – Egea. 2010
“ Probability. Lecture Notes - PhD in Economics and Finance”. PhD School. Bocconi University. 2010
“Statistics Exercises and Solutions, PhD in Economics and Finance” with May C and Simoni A.  Bocconi PhD School. 2010.
“Statistics Lecture Notes - PhD in Economics, Finance and Management”. PhD School. Bocconi University. 2009.
“Appunti sulla Stima del Modelli Lineari  Lecture Notes - Metodi Quantitativi per le Applicazioni Finanziarie CLEF”.  Egea, 2008
“Esercizi di Probabilità” with Cerquetti A. www.unibocconi.it 2004



Aree di interesse scientifico

Probabilità e processi stocastici; statistica Bayesiana.


  • "On a notion of partially conditionally identically distributed sequences" with Petrone S. and Sporysheva P. Stochastic Processes and their Applications. To appear.
  • "Predictive Characterization of Mixtures of Markov Chains" with Petrone S. Bernoulli Journal 23(3), 1538-1565. 2017.
  • "Predictive distribution (de Finetti's view)" with Petrone S. Statsref-Statistics Reference Online. Wiley. 2016.  DOI: 10.1002/9781118445112.stat07831. 
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  • "A Poisson Approximation for Colored Graphs Under Exchangeability" with Cerquetti A. Sankhya A 68 183-197. 2006
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