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Note biografiche

Laureata in Economia politica presso l'Università Bocconi nel 1997. Ha conseguito il PhD in Economics presso la New York University nel 2003.

Curriculum Accademico

Professore Associato presso il Dipartimento di Economia "Ettore Bocconi". Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale a Professore Ordinario (settori concorsuali 13/A1 e 13/A2, dal 2014). Direttrice del MSc in Economic and Social Sciences (ESS). Membro del Euro Area Business Cycle Dating Committee (EABCDC). Associate Editor del Journal of Monetary Economics, 2009-2016. Research Fellow al CEPR, Research Fellow all'IGIER, Fellow alla "Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti", e Research Fellow al Centro "Paolo Baffi".

Aree di interesse scientifico

Macroeconomia. Economia del lavoro. Economia monetaria.



"Unemployment Fluctuations, Match Quality and the Wage Cyclicality of New Hires," with Mark Gertler and Chris Huckfeldt, Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming"Comment on Long-Term Nonemployment and Job Displacement by Jae Song and Till von Wachter", 2014 Jackson Hole Symposium on Re-evaluating Labor Market Dynamics, 2015, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. "Structural and Cyclical Forces in the Labor Market during the Great Recession: Cross-Country Evidence," with Luca Sala and Ulf Soderstrom, NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2012, The University of Chicago Press, September 2013. "Taxes and the Labor Market," with Tommaso Monacelli and Roberto Perotti, Fiscal Policy and Macroeconomic Performance (L. Cespedes and J. Galì eds.), Central Banking, Analysis and Economic Policies Series, Central Bank of Chile, vol. 17, ch. 2, October 2012. "Financial Markets and Unemployment," with Tommaso Monacelli and Vincenzo Quadrini, NBER Working Paper No. 17389, September 2011. "The Output Gap, the Labor Wedge, and the Dynamic Behavior of Hours," with Luca Sala and Ulf Soderstrom, CEPR Working Paper No. 8005, September 2010. "Unemployment Fiscal Multipliers," with Tommaso Monacelli and Roberto Perotti, Journal of Monetary Economics 57 (5), July 2010. "Unemployment Fluctuations with Staggered Nash Wage Bargaining," with Mark Gertler, Journal of Political Economy 117 (1), February 2009. "Equilibrium Unemployment, Job Flows and Inflation Dynamics," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 41 (1), February 2009. "An Estimated Monetary SGE Model with Unemployment and Staggered Nominal Wage Bargaining," with Mark Gertler and Luca Sala, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 40 (8), December 2008. "Monetary Policy under Uncertainty in an Estimated Model with Labor Market Frictions," with Luca Sala and Ulf Soderstrom, Journal of Monetary Economics 55 (5), July 2008. "Comment on Cyclical Wages in a Search-and-Bargaining Model with large Firms, by Julio Rotemberg," NBER International Seminar in Macroeconomics 2006, The University of Chicago Press, July 2008. "Public Employment and the Business Cycle," with Vincenzo Quadrini, Scandinavian Journal of Economics 109 (4), March 2008. "The Role of Search Frictions and Bargaining for Inflation Dynamics," IGIER Working Paper No. 304, February 2006.