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Note biografiche

Professor Markus Venzin is Professor of Global Strategy at Università Bocconi and Dean of Innovation. He is an expert on growth strategies with a focus on innovation and corporate entrepreneurship. He has supported CEOs and senior executives from a variety of industries to design and execute corporate, as well as business strategy. A Swiss national but having lived for over 20 years in Italy, Markus combines the structure and competence needed to manage complex business development programs with the creativity and flexibility needed to create new ideas. Markus brings both the rigor of academic research and the expertise of applying research results to business issues, through his faculty role and long experience as a management consultant, speaker and entrepreneur. He is highly published, having authored many academic papers, books and is an award-winning case writer.


Curriculum Accademico

Ordinario dell'Istituto di Strategia ed Economia Aziendale "Gino Zappa" della Bocconi.
Docente Senior dell'Area Strategia della SDA Bocconi.

Dean of Innovation, Università Bocconi

Aree di interesse scientifico

Markus Venzin is conducting research projects with firms on their internationalization strategies, the management of their subsidiary network, global knowledge management systems as well as the development of formal planning and control processes. His current research interests include topics such as the study of innovation and corporate entrepreneurship, global knowledge sharing systems, internationalization processes of retail banks, export strategies of small and medium sized firms, innovation and cross-border commercialization of financial service products as well as the logic and process of cross-border mergers and acquisitions.



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