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Note biografiche

  • Ph.D. in Business Administration - Concentration Accounting (Pavia, 2009).
  • M.Res - Master in Research in Accounting and Financial Management (Lancaster University, 2007).
  • M.Sc. in Corporate Tax Law (Bocconi, 2004).
  • Degree in Business Administration and Law (Bocconi, 2001).
  • Post Graduate Econometric Course (London School of Economics, 2008 and 2010).

Certified CPA and Auditor.

Personal page at the following Link:  A. Marra - Personal Page


Curriculum Accademico

Associate Professor of Accounting and Financial Reporting. Antonio Marra is the Academic Director of the Master of Science in Accounting, Finance and Control Program Director and Senior Professor at SDA Bocconi - School of Management and MISB SDA Bocconi – Asia Center.  Prof. Marra is Member of the Executive Committee of the Department of Accounting and Research Fellow of the Baffi-CAREFIN Research Center.

Professor Marra holds Visiting Positions at New York University – Stern School of Business (Spring 2019); The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2018); University of Iowa – Tippie College of Business (Spring 2014); Baruch College New York – Zicklin School of Business (2008 to 2010).

His research focuses on accounting quality determinants and its economic consequences; mergers and acquisitions and particular reference is given to the role of culture and its dynamics in the accounting context. He has published in leading international journals including Review of Accounting Studies; Auditing: A journal of Practice and Theory; European Accounting Review; and Journal of Business Finance and Accounting among others. Antonio is member of the European Accounting Association and the American Accounting Association.


Aree di interesse scientifico

  • Teaching: Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Merger and Acquisitions.
  • Research: Accounting Quality Determinants and Consequences; Mergers and Acquisitions;; Corporate Governance and Accounting; Culture and Biography effect on Financial Statements outcomes.





  1. Organized Crime, Money Laundering and Firm Outcomes: Evidence from Criminal Investigations. With: P.A. Bianchi, D. Masciandaro and N. Pecchiari. The Accounting Review. Forthcoming.
  2. All that glitters is not gold! Independent directors’ attributes and earnings quality: beyond formal independence. Corporate Governance: An International Review. Forthcoming.Solo paper.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility and the Market Reaction to Negative Events: Evidence from Inadvertent and Fraudulent Restatement Announcements. With Eli Bartov and Francesco Momentè. The Accounting Review. Forthcoming.
  4. Earnings Quality of Private and Public firms. Business Group versus Stand Alone. with  P. Zarowin, NYU and M. Bonacchi. Review of Accounting Studies. Forthcoming.
  5. Strategy, Valuation, and Forecast Accuracy: Evidence from Italian Strategic Plan Disclosures, con S.P. Baginski, S. Bozzolan e P. Mazzola. European Accounting Review. 2017
  6. Pros and Cons Debate on Fair Value Accounting in a Globalized Economy: A Never Ending Story?. Journal of Accouting Auditin and Finance. 2017.
  7. Comment Letter Frequency and CEO Turnover: a Dynamic Survival Analysis. Journal of Accountig Audiing and Finance. 2015. M. Gietzmann e A.K. Pettinicchio.
  8. Are There Adverse Consequences of Mandatory Auditor Rotation? Evidence from the Italian Experience. Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory. 2014. con M. Cameran, J. Francis, e A.K. Pettinicchio.
  9. Is Corporate Board more effective under IFRS? or is "Just an illusion", Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance. 2014. con P. Mazzola.
  10. Corporate Boards, Audit Committees and Earnings Management: US recent evidence. Journal of Business, Finance, and Accounting. 2010. con A. Ghosh e D. Moon.
  11. Corporate Governance and Earnings Management pre and post IFRS, The International Journal of Accounting, 2011, con P. Mazzola e A. Prencipe.
  12. Consiglio di Amministrazione e qualità degli utili. Una analisi empirica nel panorama italiano, 2014, Economia & Management.

Libri e Capitoli di Libro

  1. Financial Statements Analysis. Firms' Analysis and Valuation. 2021. McGraw Hill (272 pages).
  2. La Qualità degli Utili. 2019. Book Chapter in: "Analisi di Bilancio e Driver di Valore" by Paolo Ghiringhelli.
  3. IFRS Woorkbook. 2016. con A.K. Pettinicchio e M. Semprini. McGraw Hill (279 pages).
  4. International Financial Reporting Standard. Accounting and Financial Reporting Using IFRS. 2015. con A.K. Pettinicchio e M. Semprini. McGraw Hill (500 pages).
  5. CONSOLIDATION. Preparing and understanding consolidated financial statements under IFRS, McGraw-Hill International. 2013. con C. Gallimberti e A. Prencipe.
  6. Consigli di Amministrazione e Qualità degli utili in Italia, EGEA, 2013.
  7. Revisione Contabile: Tecniche e Strumenti Operativi. Il Sole24Ore. 2010. con M. Livatino e S. Cova.
  8. La prima adozione dei principi contabili internazionali in Italia, capitolo 17, in "Il Bilancio secondo gli IAS", AA.VV. Giuffrè Editor, 2006.


Working Papers

  1. Does Mafie Hire Good Accountants? with: P.A. Bianchi, J. Francis and N. Pecchiari.
  2. Home Sweet Home: CEOs Buying Firms in their Birth Country. With: R. Shalev and Angela Pettinicchio.
  3. Internal Mergers, Financial Reporting Discretion, and Debt Capacity With: R. Shalev and M. Bonacchi.
  4. Patterns in post-Restatement Announcement Returns and Analyst Forecast Errors: The Corporate Social Responsibility Effect. With:  E. Bartov and F. Momentè.
  5. Determinants of Earnings Quality: The Role of Corporate Information System. With: E. Bartov, A. Dossi and A.K. Pettinicchio.
  6. CFO Country of Origin and Accounting Quality. A cross-country Investigation.