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Jane Thompson is an architect and a qualified project manager working to improve the management and conservation of cultural heritage. She brings together more than two decades of site experience with international-level research, policy work and capacity development initiatives.

Co-author of the UNESCO 2013 resource manual Managing Cultural World Heritage and 2011 World Heritage Capacity Building Strategy as part of her work for ICCROM, she also helped draft the Policy for the Integration of a Sustainable Development Perspective into the Processes of the World Heritage Convention adopted in 2015. Currently, she is in the core ICCROM-IUCN author group delivering the capacity-building platform and new UNESCO Managing World Heritage resource manual of the new World Heritage Leadership Programme.

Her extensive teaching work for mid-career practitioners for ICCROM and UNESCO is complemented by her role as Director of the postgraduate course "Heritage management" and contract professor at the Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, in a Masters aimed at creating intersectoral mediation skills in the cultural sector.

She has fulfilled significant institutional positions including membership of the highest advisory body for cultural heritage to the ministries of Italy and Romania, respectively the Superior Council for Cultural Heritage and Landscapes (Italy) and the National Commission for Historical Monuments (Romania).

Among other institutional roles in Italy, of particular note are her part in the 2014 Joint Ministry/Municipality Commission for the Central Archaeological Area of Rome and the 2018 Scientific Board that launched the first edition of RO.ME Museum Exhibition. Then there is her ongoing contribution to the Administrative Board of ‘Villa Adriana Villa D’Este’, the new authority overseeing Tivoli’s two World Heritage properties, and to the Scientific Committee of the National Museum of Archaeology of Naples.

Since 2009, she has held the senior management role leading the Herculaneum Conservation Project ('HCP') on behalf of the Packard Humanities Institute ('PHI'), based in Los Altos, California (USA), and its operating partners. This is a public-private collaboration which has radically transformed management and conservation and enhanced knowledge of this archaeological site. As the direct contact for the competent state heritage and local authority partners for strategic planning and implementation of initiatives, this leadership role of HCP is carried out on direct instructions from Dr. David W. Packard, president and founder of PHI. She was already delivering HCP in the role of project manager from the project’s outset in 2001.

Other professional activities include consulting in the cultural heritage management sector since 2003, providing high-level expertise in the field by drawing on a strong interdisciplinary and intersectoral pool of expertise.  Recent commissions include Heritage Impact Assessments for the World Heritage properties of Villa Adriana (Italy) and Galle (Sri Lanka) and management planning at Troodos’ World Heritage Churches (Cyprus). As ICCROM’s representative, she has overseen capacity building for strengthened governance within the EU-UNESCO upstream project for the 2019 Albanian extension to the Ohrid Region World Heritage mixed property (North Macedonia).



First Class Master of Arts Degree in Architecture from University of Cambridge - Jesus College, UK (1993) and Diploma in Architecture with a thesis distinction from the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow, UK (1996). Registered architect in the UK (1999), in Italy (2003) and acceptance by the Association of Project Management, UK (2006).



Heritage management, the role of heritage in sustainable development and strengthening the resilience of communities, approaches to capacity building.




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