Professor of Statistics, Bocconi University

    Director, Bocconi Institute of Data Science & Analytics (BIDSA)  


    Fellow, American Statistical Association (2019)

    Fellow, International Society for Bayesian Analysis (2018)

    Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics (2015)  


Research Interests

Bayesian Nonparametrics; Bayesian Asymptotics; Distribution Theory; Exchangeability; Mixture Models; Predictive Inference; Random Measures; Species Sampling; Survival Analysis.

Current Editorial Activity


Bayesian Analysis

Associate Editor:

Annals of Statistics 

Operations Research - Machine Learning and Data Science Area

Econometrics & Statistics

News & Events

Filippo Ascolani wins 2024 Lawrence D. Brown Ph.D. student Award

Beatrice Franzolini wins 2024 IMS New Researcher Award

International Symposium on Nonparametric Statistics, Braga, Portugal (June 25-29, 2024)

Interpretable Inference via Principled BNP approaches in Biomedical Research and Beyond, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore, Singapore (July 8 - August 2, 2024)

BIRS Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification in Large Models, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai, India (December 7-12. 2025)

Past News & Events

BNP-ISBA Webinar Series 2023-24

Call for applications PhD Program in Statistics and Computer Science @ Bocconi [Deadline: February 1, 2024] 

Filippo Ascolani and Francesco Gaffi win 2023 ASA-SBSS Student Paper Competition

Approximation methods in Bayesian Analysis, CIRM, Luminy, France (Jun 19-23, 2023)

Summer School in Bayesian Statistics and Computation, Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Jul 13-22, 2023) 

2022 IISA Conference, Bangalore, India (Dec 26-30, 2022)

13h Bayesian Nonparametrics Conference, Puerto Varas, Chile (October 24-28, 2022)

2022 ISBA World Meeting, Montreal, Canada (June - July, 2022)

Filippo Ascolani wins Hannan Graduate Student Travel Award  [news article]

Marta Catalano and Augusto Fasano L.J. Savage Award Finalists  [news article]

Tommaso Rigon wins L.J. Savage Award for his PhD dissertation [news article]

2021 ISBA World Meeting - virtual (June 28- July 2, 2021)

Marta Catalano wins 2021 ASA-SBSS Student Paper Competition and IMS New Researchers Travel Award

45th Arkansas Spring Lectures Series in the Mathematical Sciences, Lafeyettville, USA (Novermber 2020)

BayesLab Inaugural Webinar series: Junior Bayes Beyond the Borders (JB) joint with j-ISBA (June-July 2020)

12th Bayesian Nonparametrics Conference, Oxford, UK (June 24-28, 2019)

Stats under the Stars, Bocconi University, Milano (June 18-19, 2019)

BNP inference: dependence structures and their applicationsBIRS-CMO Workshop, Oaxaca, Mexico (December 3-8, 2017)

BIDSA Inaugural Conference, Bocconi University, Milano (November 18, 2016) [Videos]

Eugenio's conference, Pavia (June 10-11, 2016)





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