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My research interests are essentially devoted to methodological aspects inherent to Bayesian statistical inference and to the comparison with the classical statistical inference, including fiducial inference.


In particular I am (or I have been) dealing with:

  • the meaning of a statistical model and its construction from a predictive point of view;
  • the characterization of default (non-informative) prior distributions from several points of view;
  •  improper priors and their relationships with finitely additive probability measure;
  • conjugate and enriched conjugate prior families for exponential models;
  • compatible priors for Bayesian models comparison (applications to the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium model and to the linear models);
  • priors for testing simultaneously several types of hypothesis;
  • mixture priors for non-parametric Bayesian inference;
  • relationships between objective bayesian inference and fiducial inference.
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