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Barbara Rindi with Sabrina Buti and Ingrid Werner
Journal of Financial Economics

Modificato il 23/11/2017

Lot Size Constraints and Market Quality: Evidence from the Borsa Italiana (2015)

Barbara Rindi with Arie Gozluklu, Pietro Perotti and Roberta Fredella
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Modificato il 06/02/2019

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Barbara Rindi with Sabrina Buti
Journal of Financial Economics

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Modificato il 15/08/2015

The Impact of a Closing Call Auction on Market Quality and Trading Strategies (01/05/2012)

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Journal of Financial Intermediation

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Modificato il 15/01/2013

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Barbara Rindi with Pietro Perotti
Journal of Empirical Finance

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Modificato il 15/01/2013

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Barbara Rindi
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