Improving Prediction from Dirichlet Process Mixtures via Enrichment (in corso di pubblicazione)

Sara K. Wade, David B. Dunson, Sonia Petrone and Lorenzo Trippa
Journal of Machine Learning Research, to appear

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A Predictive Study of Dirichlet Process Mixture Models for Curve Fitting (2013)

Sara Wade, Stephen G. Walker and Sonia Petrone
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics (2013)

online publication

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Bayes and empirical Bayes: do they merge? (in corso di pubblicazione)

Sonia Petrone, Judith Rousseau and Catia Scricciolo
Biometrika, to appear

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Hierarchical reinforced urn processes (2012)

Sandra Fortini and Sonia Petrone
Statistics and Probability Letters (2012), 82, 1521–1529.

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Predictive construction of priors in Bayesian nonparametrics (2012)

Sandra Fortini and Sonia Petrone
Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics

Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics

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State space models in R (2011)

Petris, G. and Petrone, S.
Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 41, Issue 4, May 2011

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An enriched conjugate prior for Bayesian nonparametric inference (2011)

Wade, S., Mongelluzzo, S. and Petrone, S.
Bayesian Analysis, 6, pp. 359-386.

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Dynamic linear models with R (2009)

Petris, G., Petrone, S., Campagnoli, P.
Springer, N.Y.

book website

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Hybrid Dirichlet mixture models for functional data (2009)

Sonia Petrone, Michele Guindani, Alan E. Gelfand
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Ser. B, 71, 755-782.

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Extended Bernstein prior with rienforced urn processes (2009)

Trippa, L., Bulla, P., Petrone, S.
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics

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Feller operators and mixture priors in Bayesian nonparametrics (2010)

Petrone, S., Veronese, P.
Statistica Sinica, 20, 379-404

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Bayesian nonparametric modelling for spatial data using Dirichlet processes (2007)

Gelfand, A.E., Guindani, M., Petrone, S.

(with discussion) . In: Bayesian Statistics 8, J.M. Bernardo, M.J. Bayarri, M.J. Bayarri, J.O. Berger, A.P. Dawid, D. Heckerman, A.F.M. Smith, M. West (Eds)., Oxford University Press, 175-200.

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Nonparametric quantile inference with Dirichlet processes (2007)

Hiort, N.L., Petrone, S.

In: Advances in Statistical Modeling and Inference. Essays in Honor of Kjell A Doksum.

Vijay Nair Ed., World Scientific, 463-492.

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