Policy-Making & Reports

  • Taxation in Aging Societies: Increasing the Effectiveness and Fairness of Pension Systems”, Asian Development Bank, 2019, (with A. Redonda, M. Mazur, M. Stewart, and M. Whittaker) download
  • APE Volontario: Design & Operatività. Presentazione Ottobre 2017 download
  • “Reforming Pensions in an Aging Society” IEB Report, 2013 download
  • “The Political Feasibility of Postponing Retirement” CESIfo Dice Report, 2012 download
  • “Advancing pension and labour-market reforms” in Making Reform Happen: Lessons From Oecd Countries, OECD 2010
  • “An Empirical Investigation of Political Economy Factors Behind Structural Reform in Oecd Countries”, 2006, OECD Economic Studies 42, 2006/1 (with TT Dang, J. Hoj and G. Nicoletti)
  • “The Political Economy Of Structural Reform: Empirical Evidence From Oecd Countries”, April 2006, OECD Eco Working Paper, 7/2006 (with TT Dang, J. Hoj and G. Nicoletti) download
  • “An Empirical Investigation of political economy factors behind structural reforms in OECD countries”, OECD Economic Studies, 42 (2006). (with J. Hoj, G. Nicoletti and T.T. Deng)


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