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Course 2003-2004 a.y.


Department of Marketing

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Introduction to the course:

Hypercompetition leads companies that compete in the international arena to build a solid marketing information and research system. Managers that develop a marketing plan for an international firm need a theoretical and technical background about the use of marketing research: the strategic marketing decisions mentioned in the plan, such as the selection of potential markets and the definition of the international marketing mix, should be supported and oriented by the results of marketing researches.
The course will take participants deep inside the marketing research process. After defining the typical marketing objectives, the course will present the three types of research: exploratory, descriptive and causal. Later on, the methods to collect primary data are examined.
n the second part, the course presents how these research tools are implemented by the international firms to support the typical marketing decisions.
The course objective is, first, to give students a wide view of the marketing research process and the principal research tools. Later on, the course puts into practice these tools: participants will be given all competencies for developing the most efficient plan for gathering the information they need to support international marketing decisions.  

Course Content :

The course will analyze the following contents:  

  • The marketing information system;
  • The marketing research: problem definition and research objectives;
  • Exploratory, descriptive and causal researches;
  • Exploratory research and collection of primary data: focus group and in-depth interview;
  • Descriptive research and collection of primary data: sampling plan, survey and observation;
  • Causal research and collection of primary data: the experiment;
  • Data analysis: techniques and models;
  • Marketing research for the selection of potential areas of business;
  • Marketing research for macro and micro segmentation in international areas;
  • Marketing research for the international positioning;
  • Marketing research for the definition of the international marketing mix.

  • Will be communicated at the beginning of the course


Written exam only.