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ACME (12 credits - I sem. - OBS  |  L-ART/05)
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Classes: 31 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

The main goal of the Course is to introduce the students to the performing arts sector. The Course is set at International level and it investigates in depth Italian, European and Northern American assets. Policies, marketing and funding of organizations and events are the main issues looked at during the Course. Students are given the opportunity to meet the Executives in charge of some of the most prestigious organizations and they visit some of the most important theatrical and opera venues and workshops.

Course Content Summary

The workshop is divided in three parts:

Live performance appreciation (Prof. Silvia Bottiroli)

  • What is a live performance? Theatre, opera, dance and their hybridization in the contemporary scene
  • Reading the language of the live performance: text, dramaturgy, directing, acting and movement, space and set design, sound and music
  • How to evaluate when a performance is good: method, tools and right questions
  • Group discussion: watching a performance and processing a critical assessment
  • Writing a performance critique

Field experiences in the performing art fields (Prof. Claudia Tacchino)

  • Performing arts in Milan: Piccolo Teatro and Teatro alla Scala
  • The case of Globe Theatre in London
  • Voices from the field: meeting artists, managers, policy makers
  • Making a career in the performing arts: useful tips

Performing arts and society (Prof. Alex Turrini)

  • Types of theatres in Italy and Europe: an overview
  • Commercial producing: Broadway
  • Audience exposure to performing arts: main issues
  • Managing theatres and opera houses
  • Public and private funding forperforming arts institutions
  • Evaluating the impact of music festivals

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Attending students:

Class participation: 10%

Performance critique: 30%

Written exam: 30%

Field project: 30%

Non attending students:

Written exam on reading materials and one book.


Attending students:

S. BOTTIROLI, C. TACCHINO, A. TURRINI, Workshop in Performing Arts: Readings, Milano, EGEA, 2011

Non attending students:

R. COHEN, Theatre Brief, New York, NY, McGraw-Hill, 2010

D. WEBB, Running Theaters: Best Practices for Leaders and Managers, New York, NY, Allworth Press, 2005

Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


This workshop is primarily addressed to ACME students. Other students willing to attend the course as an elective should have attended at least one course in related areas (i.e.: arts management, cultural economics, sociology of arts, performance studies) or they should evidence strong interest/practical experiences (as professional/amateurial artists or as interns) in the performing art field.

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