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CLEAM (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - CLEF (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - CLEACC (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - BESS-CLES (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10) - BIEMF (6 credits - I sem. - OP  |  SECS-P/10)
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Classes: 31 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

"People represent our main asset and source of competitive advantage". To translate this slogan into practiced behaviours and results of whoever has managerial roles in the organization, the course aims at developing leadership skills that are based on a deep knowledge and awareness of the main organizational behaviour theories and models concerning individual and organizational performance.
The first part of the course is devoted to studying the main determinants of individual and group performance. Competencies, motivation, positive attitudes towards the organization, managerial and leadership styles that orient and address behaviour but also develop people's potential represent some of the topics that characterize the first part of the course. Starting from the main determinants of individual and group performance, the course addresses topics related to managing individual and team performance. The main ones being:managing talent attraction and selection, evaluating talent performance and individual and organizational development for excellent performance.

Course Content Summary

  • Introduction to the course: people and competitive advantage
  • Optimal performance and its determinants: competence, motivation and positive psychological states
  • Leadership and its role in promoting excellent performance
  • The leadership challenges
  • Empowering people
  • Managing change
  • Differences and active listening
  • HRM tools to maximize performance: attraction and selection of talent, performance evaluation for individual and organizational development

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Attending students

Assignment, class participation and written exam during the 2 attending students exam session (Jan-Febr 2012)

Non attending students
Oral exam


Attending students  
Osland, Kolb, Rubin, Turner, Organizational Behavior: an experiential approach. International edition, Pearson 2007 ISBN-10: 013613145X | ISBN-13: 9780136131458
Non attending students
Osland, Turner, Kolb, Organizational Behavior Reader. The international version, Pearson 2011 ISBN-10: 0132494086 | ISBN-13: 9780132494083

Chapters 1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-10-12-15-16-19-20-21

Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


Basic course on Organization Theory and Human Resource Management
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