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Department of Management and Technology

Course taught in English

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DIEM (6 credits - II sem. - AI)
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Classes: 31 (II sem.)

Course Objectives

This course combines multiple perspectives to illuminate what entrepreneurship and innovation are and how they can change the nature of competition, creating and eroding firms' competitive advantage, as well as creating and destroying industries. It considers the process of creation and development of new ventures, technologies, and business models. Further, it analyzes how entrepreneurial and innovative behaviors can be achieved and stimulated within organizations. The ultimate goal is to train future managers who will able to recognize and manage both the potential and the possible pitfalls of entrepreneurial ideas and innovations.

Course Content Summary

  • The creation, sustainability, and erosion of competitive advantage
  • Entrepreneurial management: innovation, change and the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities and beliefs
  • New ventures
    • Discovery and creation: alternative theories of entrepreneurial action
    • Entrepreneurs as the active element in new ventures creation
    • The entry process
    • Commercializing new technologies
    • Competing with incumbents
  • Developing innovative business models
  • How established firms can create breakthrough ideas
  • Organizational renewal and change
  • Innovation and learning in organizations

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Attending students: 20% team assignment, 80 % exam
The exam is written on the first exam date and oral thereafter

Non attending students
Written exam on the first exam date and oral exam thereafter


Attending students
Selection of readings and cases provided by the instructor

  • Non attending students
    A. Afuah, Innovation Management, Strategies, Implementation, and Profits, Oxford University Press, 2003
  • D. F. Kuratko, R.M.Hodgetts,  Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, and Practice, South-Western, Thomson Learning, 2003
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


In order to deal with the contents of this course, it is suggested to have acquired the knowledge and skills provided by the Business Strategy course.

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