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CLEAM (6 credits - I sem. - AI) - CLES (6 credits - I sem. - AI) - CLEF (6 credits - I sem. - AI) - BIEM (6 credits - I sem. - AI) - CLEACC (6 credits - I sem. - AI)
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Classes: 31 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

This course deals with personal selling and sales management issues. After reviewing the major trends in the evolution of the role played by salespeople in nurturing relationships with customers, methodologies and practical tools that salespeople and sales managers may adopt to make decisions are presented.
The goal of this course is twofold:

  • helping students getting a deep understanding of managerial approaches and tools that firms may adopt for establishing long-lasting relationships with customers
  • fostering analytical and decision-making skills of the students; develop  behavioural capabilities needed to optimize sales processes

Course Content Summary

In the first part of the course, after introducing the role and contribution of salespeople in the selling firm's processes, sales data analysis is addressed.
Based on this perspective, the course is stressing evaluations on actual and potential clients, on geographical areas, on distribution channels and on product-services sold.
The focus is on the following topics: 
The selling process within Marketing and Sales Management: from transaction to relationship

  • Sales Function and Marketing Function: organizational issues,  areas of responsibility, conflict and integration
  • The changing role, nature and activities of salespeople and sales managers
  • Key competencies, skills and behaviours of salespeople
  • The management of interactions with clients
  • Sales force capabilities to be open to listening and negotiation
  • Customer portfolio analysis

Further more, some of the main managerial influence areas related to sales force are addressed (motivation, roles' detection, objectives' definition, performance control and evaluation). 
Some classes could be held in English by a Visiting Professor.

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Attending and Non-attending students
Written exam


Attending students

  • Weitz, Castleberry,Tanner, Selling: Building Partnerships, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Edition 6
  • Slides by the Professors

Non - Attending students

  • Weitz, Castleberry,Tanner, Selling: Building Partnerships, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Edition 6

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