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Department of Management and Technology

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EMIT-LS (6 credits - II sem. - CO)
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Classes: 31 (II sem.)

Course Objectives

The course focuses on the introduction of information and communication technologies in organizations and it describes the main steps of the development process: from understanding information requirements to testing the developed solution with the users. ICT projects require several competencies, they need rigorous methodologies where users and IT specialists collaborate, they benefit from the deep understanding of technological and business trends. In synthesis, I.S. development is a really complex process.
In particular, at the end of the course students are able to structure a feasibility study for an ICT project and to model I.S. requirements with formal techniques such as Entity Relationship models and Data Flow Diagrams.
The course aims to combine sound theoretical foundations with field experience. Therefore, the course agenda includes traditional teaching sessions to introduce the theoretical framework, some business presentations and group work on ICT projects.

Course Content Summary

  • I.S. development: from the waterfall model to the agile approach
  • Understanding information requirements
  • Preparing the feasibility study for an I.S. project
  • Development methods in I.S
  • System modeling: process and data modeling
  • System test and user training
  • Change management

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

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Gli studenti saranno valutati sulla base dei risultati di un esame scritto e di un lavoro di gruppo.
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Esame scritto. L'esame verterà sui due libri di testo.
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Per i frequentanti

  • Avison D., Fitzgerald G. (2007), Information System Development, McGraw Hill, 4th edition

Per i non frequentanti

  • Dangerous Enthusiasms: E-government, Computer Failure and Information Systems Development by Tony Dale and Shaun Goldfinch, 2006
  •  Avison D., Fitzgerald G. (2007), Information System Development, McGraw Hill, 4th edition
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