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Note biografiche

Degree in Economics and Social Sciences (summa cum laude) at Bocconi University, 1991; Dottorato in Economia Politica at University of Pavia, 1995; Ph.D. in Economics Harvard University, 1996.

Curriculum Accademico

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Aree di interesse scientifico

Game theory, mechanism design, political economy, governance institutions, development economics, behavioral and public economics, comparative politics and international relations.



His main recent publications are listed below. Further details on his publications are provided in the personal page.

  • Journal of Political Economy (forthcoming): "Dispute Resolution Institutions and Strategic Militarization" (with Adam Meirowitz, Kris Ramsay and Francesco Squintani);

  • American Journal of Political Science (2016): "Turnout Across Democracies" (with Helios Herrera and Salvatore Nunnari), Vol. 60(3), 607-24;

  • Review of Economic Studies (2015): “Mediation and Peace” (with Johannes Horner and Francesco Squintani), Vol. 82, 1483-501;

  • Quarterly Journal of Economics (2015): “The Geography of Inter-State Resource Wars” (with Francesco Caselli and Dominic Rohner) Vol 130-1, pp. 267-315;

  • Journal of Political Economy (2015): “Strategic Mass Killings” (with Joan Esteban and Dominic Rohner), Vol. 123-5; International Geneva Award winner 2015;

  • American Journal of Political Science (2008): "Incumbents' Interests and Gender Quotas" (with Francois Maniquet and Guillaume R. Fréchette) Vol. 52-4, 891-909;

  • American Economic Review (2007): "Political Bias and War" (with Matthew O. Jackson), Vol. 97-4, 1353-73;

  • American Economic Review (2006): "Self-Enforcing Voting in International Organizations" (with Giovanni Maggi), Vol. 96-4, 1137-58; also reprinted in Public International Law (November 2010), edited by Eric A. Posner, Elgar Publishing;

  • Econometrica (2005): Behavioral Identi cation in Coalitional Bargaining: an Experimental Analysis of Demand Bargaining and Alternating Offers" (with Guillaume Fréchette and John Kagel), Vol. 73-6, 1893-939;

  • Review of Economic Studies (2004): "Party Formation and Policy Outcomes under Different Electoral Systems," Vol. 71-3, 829-53;

  • Review of Economic Studies (2001): "Occupational Choice and Dynamic Incentives" (with Maitreesh Ghatak and Tomas Sjostrom), Vol. 68-4, 781-810;

  • American Political Science Review (1999): "Demand Competition and Policy Compromise in Legislative Bargaining," Vol. 93-4, 809-20;

  • American Political Science Review (2007): "Demand Commitment and Legislative Bargaining: A Response." Vol. 101(4), 851;