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My areas of expertise are in theoretical computer science and cryptography. I have made contributions to the foundational and practical study of zero-knowledge protocols, as well as fast lattice-based cryptography. I co-introduced the ring-SIS problem and related SWIFFT hash function, as well as the Learning with Rounding problem. More recently I have studied the cryptographic hardness of finding a Nash equilibrium in a game, as well as average-case fine-grained hardness and applications to cryptography.

Biographical note

I am a full professor at the Department of Computing Sciences, Bocconi University, Milan. I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science. I spent two years as postdoc in the Cryptography Group of MIT's Computer Science and AI Lab, and two years as a postdoc in the Center for Research on Computation and Society at Harvard's department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Before coming to Bocconi I spent 13 years as a professor in IDC Herzliya.


Recently I have been interested in fine-grained cryptography, space-efficient zero-knowledge proofs, secure computation in a one-way communication model, and also looking into the cryptographic implications of lossy reductions.

Selected Publications

Abe, Masayuki; Ambrona, Miguel; Bogdanov, Andrej; Ohkubo, Miyako; Rosen, Alon
Acyclicity programming for sigma-protocols
Theory of Cryptography. TCC 2021, 2021

Goyal, Vipul; Richelson, Silas; Rosen, Alon; Vald, Margarita
An algebraic approach to Nonmalleability

Guo, Siyao; Kamath, Pritish; Rosen, Alon; Sotiraki, Katerina
Limits on the efficiency of (ring) LWE-based non-interactive key exchange

S. Agrawal; I. Yuval; E. Kushilevitz; V. Narayanan; M. Prabhakaran; A. Rosen
Cryptography from One-Way Communication: On Completeness of Finite Channels

Masayuki Abe, Miguel Ambrona, Andrej Bogdanov, Miyako Ohkubo, and Alon Rosen; M. Ambrona; A. Bogdanov; M. Ohkubo; . Rosen
Non-interactive Composition of Sigma-Protocols via Share-then-Hash

A. Block; J. Holmgren; A. Rosen; R. Rothblum; P. Soni
Public-Coin Zero-Knowledge Arguments with (almost) Minimal Time and Space Overheads
TCC, 2020

S. Agrawal; Y. Ishai; E. Kushilevitz; V. Narayanan; V. Prabhakaran; A. Rosen
Secure Computation from One-Way Noisy Communication, or: Anti-Correlation via Anti-Concentration
Crypto, 2021

A. Block; J. Holmgren; A. Rosen; R. Rothblum; P. Soni
Time- and Space-Efficient Arguments from Groups of Unknown Order
CRYPTO, 2021