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Scienza Nuova (Humanistic Culture and Contemporary Sciences)

I’ve designed (with Ivo De Gennaro) the “Interdisciplinary Research and Experimentation Workshop 'ScienzaNuova' (Humanistic Culture and Contemporary Sciences)”. The research project — carried out in collaboration with ASK-Bocconi, the Department of Classical Philology of the Catholic University of Milan and the Academy of Italian-German Studies of Merano — aims at establishing an area of experimentation on the basic concepts of modern sciences. It provides an opportunity for investigation into the scope of these sciences, conducted through a comparison between interpretations, in a context of dialogical research structured in roundtables, workshops and conferences, designed to create a collaborative forum where productive interaction between different forms of knowledge of our time can develop. Thus, ScienzaNuova intends to promote an awareness of the role of scientific and technical knowledge, and of the way in which it can be put at the service of mankind. The seminar activities will touch on different fields of knowledge, ranging from philosophy to science, from art to literature, from myth to faith. Each of these fields will not be construed as a mere ‘cultural value’, but rather as a fundamental problematic trait of our Western existence, as considered in its dual Greek-Latin and Hebrew-Christian provenance. In this perspective, the languages of tradition acquire special relevance. A special space for reflection and research, called “LinguaNuova”, will be dedicated to these languages. This space will take the form of workshops on modern and ancient languages (especially Greek, Latin, German and Italian, as well as English and French), which are seen as the dimension in which sciences, arts and philosophy unfold. It started with the first edition of the workshop in the summer of 2017 (dedicated to the topic “The Human Being in Space and Time”): philosophers, physicists, mathematicians, neuroscientists and philologists brought their ongoing research and the fundamental issues of their fields of study to an interdisciplinary confrontation and debate. [The project is supported by CARIPLO-Milan with a budget of 75,000 euros in 2106-2021, and by Stiftung Sparkasse Bozen with 12,000 euro in 2018-2021. Scientific direction: M. Carfora, I. De Gennaro, and G. Zaccaria]. See www.scienzanuova.org;  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnH9c-IyQ7TU0x51Y9DZ-Hwwww.vimeo.com/scienzanuovawww.twitter.com/scienzanuova17

Modificato il 16/02/2021