I Pellicani (Bocconi Sport Team)


I am proud to be  one of the founding members of  "i Pellicani", the basketball team of Bocconi's staff and students, which, from January 2004 competes in the regular  regional league organized by Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro.  I have been coaching our team from season 2006 onwards. The team reached division "C Gold" in season 2018, where it competes now.  From season 2020 our activity takes place in the new Bocconi Sports Center. 


Me, teaching a lecture on my favourite topic in 2004 
Me, teaching a lecture on the same topic in 2014  (which shows how my relationship with students as well as my approach to life has changed over the years) 
My undergraduate dissertation advisor (Riccardo Rovelli) and myself, more than 20 years after my graduation at the end of a small and relaxing bike trip 
A great comment on my CV, by the legendary Warren Joseph "Joe" Isaac



Lo Stelvio (July 2010)


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