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WBB (6 credits - II sem. - OBCUR  |  SECS-P/12)
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Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to explore the evolution of the global economy over the last one-thousand years and to to provide a better understanding of the present complexity. The present situation is, in fact, the outcome of dynamics and processes which can be fully understood when analyzed only in the long (and sometimes very long) run. The outstanding performance of China, the tormented evolution of South-East Asia, the ambiguities of India and the Middle East, the African stagnation and South America’s alternating fortunes are only in part the outcome of recent transformations. They can be fully understood in the light of historical processes. Additionally, in a long-term perspective, the global history of the World as a whole can be seen as the alternation of equilibriums and reshufflings, among which the present is only one episode.

Course Content Summary

  • Introduction.
  • The preindustrial World.
  • The economic decline of Empires.
  • The Industrial Revolution.
  • The First Globalization.
  • The second industrial revolution.
  • The World at war.
  • The American Century.
  • Decolonization.
  • A third industrial revolution.
  • The resurgence of a global economy.

Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

The final grade is the result of a sum of the following items.

  • A group take home essay - (30%).
  • 10 true or false (with motivation) questions (written, in class) - (55%).
  • Active class participation - (15%).


Textbooks to be defined and communicated at the beginning of the course.
Exam textbooks & Online Articles (check availability at the Library)


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