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Department of Economics

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BEMACS (8 credits - I sem. - OB  |  SECS-P/01)
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Classes: 25 (I sem.)

Course Objectives

The course provides students with the knowledge needed to understand the functioning of the economy as a whole and the determination of important macroeconomic aggregate variables, such as the gross domestic product, the inflation rate, the unemployment rate, the rate of interest, and the exchange rate.

Intended Learning Outcomes
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Course Content Summary

  • National Accounting.
  • The Goods Market.
  • Financial Markets.
  • Goods and Financial Markets: the IS-LM model.
  • The Labor Market.
  • The Natural Rate of Unemployment and the Phillips Curve.
  • Expectations and Financial Markets.
  • Government Debt.
  • Goods and Financial Markets in an Open Economy.
  • Economic Growth.

Teaching methods
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Assessment methods
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Detailed Description of Assessment Methods

Written Exam. Students may choose to take a sequence of two partial examinations or take a single general examination.


  • O. BLANCHARD, A. AMIGHINI, F. GIAVAZZI, Macroeconomics, A European Perspective, Pearson Education Limited, 2017, 3ed, ISBN 978-1-292-08567-8
  • G. FERRAGUTO, Macroeconomics – Problems and Questions, Egea, 2017, 4th edition, ISBN 9788875341626.
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